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October, 2011


MPN Heroes


Somewhere between gods and the rest of us is the realm of heroes.

  Heroes aren’t perfect….just heroic.   Our own MPN heroes  rise above their own circumstances to lead, inspire, and encourage us in our common battle against a deadly enemy.

  They help us define our path and in the end, their actions and their stories are essential to our survival. Heroes broaden our options, lift our hearts and return us to life with new hope and strength..

    Since our launch five months ago our MPNforum heroes have included patients and caregivers, physicians, clinical investigators, scientists — Karl, Bonnie and Joe, Cyndy and Sam, Jeremy, Harvey, Chris, Barbara, Harriet…the list just goes on.

     And then there are the heroes who simply stay by their post day after day, caring physicians and list owners  managing on-line patient support groups, answering questions, offering hope, experience and comraderie.

This month, both new and familiar MPN heroes make an appearance.  Joyce Niblack is known by name to almost all of us; her MPN achievements are legendary.  Here is JOYCE  a sketched portrait of the woman herself….and a sidebar story on her role in The MPN Drug Wars….  Panic attack is all too common  in this uncommon revelation,  Moshe Leib describes the event and his cure. … Harvey is back, this time to take us by the hand into the reality of the clinical trial experience, from crowded hallways to turkey sandwiches… Sometimes heroes come in tiny packages.  Cowboy, a Pomeranian, died this month. He was the constant companion of Mary Hopper, author of the Animal House remembrance…and finally there are our fabled columnists, Jeremy, who has gotten us out of bed and off our couches to walk, bike and shake off fatigue, holds forth on nutrition and immune system….Patricia this month brings together hard science and the spirit with skill and grace….Our senior physician in residence, Arch recalls an earlier time and warns us off certain days of the calendar…and Dr. Mike  not only advises us to maintain personal health records but brings along his own to show how it works.

MPNforum is a two-way street. Be a hero.  Join in the conversation and help someone along with your comments.




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